Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ohh Gross...

So last night me and 6 others went to Chili's which was a fundraiser for the YMCA at San Pedro. These friends of mine well 2 of them I barely met are people I volunteer with at my church so we all know each other pretty well, after dropping off 3 others there were 4 of us left ( we carpooled). The rest of us went to the Blenders and discussed random shit. We then discussed about marriage and our view points. All of a sudden the discussion shifts to strippers then to my female friend who asks why do guys masturbate my male friend tells her it's normal. Sometime later in the car ( I have bad memory I'm not sure how it all goes down) my male friend who likes talking about a topic and sticks to it until he's satisfied, starts talking and asking my female friend if she masturbates, she starts saying stuff about she doesn't like touching herself down there and has "others" do it for her now I don't believe she has anyone doing that for her now but that's my opinion then the discussion which is being prolonged by my male friend explains to her why guys are so sensitive on the tip of the head and so and so she then answers " oh no wonder my guys acts like that" she said something like that. Now throughout the rest of the conversation I was shaking my head and wishing I had not heard what I heard and asking them to please stop cause 1. It was gross 2. Gross 3. Gross. So to anyone who reads this keep your shit to yourself plz!!

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